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No matter your age, you’re too young to give up on your passions and independence. The RAYMEX Lift was invented to help people continue doing the things they love.


The RAYMEX Lift helps prevent falls and assists with fall recovery

A portable, personal lift that also doubles as a better alternative to a rollator walker, the device has an elevating seat that can descend to floor level, raise to a height of 24”, and stop anywhere in between.

Designed to help people maintain their independence and active lifestyle as they age, the RAYMEX Lift aids with everyday activities while also always being ready to lift a fallen person from the floor.

Raymex Lift Fall Prevention Icon

Prevent falls

Regain the freedom to do the things you love most, adjust the seat height for support in daily activities.

Raymex Lift Fall Recovery Icon

Recover from falls

Peace of mind that you can easily recover from falls, simply lower the seat to the floor and the RAYMEX lifts you safely up.

Raymex Lift Rehabilitation Icon

Support rehabilitation and safe exercise

The RAYMEX Lift makes a great physical therapy tool, with a seat that can be raised and lowered to any height.

Available for purchase in the second half of 2024

Healthcare providers will welcome the lower cost and ease of use with the RAYMEX Lift

There are up to one million1 falls per year in US hospitals, making falls the most common adverse event among both patients and healthcare workers. Each long-term disability claim from a hospital worker has an average cost of $15,6802. 

When lifting aids are provided3

<strong style="font-size:1.5em;">60%</strong> fewer injuries 60% fewer injuries
<strong style="font-size:1.5em;">87%</strong> fewer lost workdays 87% fewer lost workdays
<strong style="font-size:1.5em;">90%</strong> lower workers compensation costs 90% lower workers compensation costs

Available for purchase in the second half of 2024

Clinical Testimonials
Our Team

We are comprised of leaders in the technology, engineering, and clinical sectors

With real-world experience in physical and occupational therapy, human kinetics, and caregiving.
Our team have seen first-hand where the traditional rollator walker falls short and recognized the opportunity to re-imagine a tool to help aid in aging with dignity.

Tracey McGillivray of Axtion Raymex
Liam Masskant of Axtion Raymex
Gary McGillivary of Axtion Raymex
Suling Duong of Axtion Raymex
Francois Perrault, Chief Financial Officer
John Glowacki of Raymex Lift

Industry Recognition

Winner of the 2022 Aging 2.0 Longevity Economy Showcase pitch competition in Atlantic Canada

Invited to present at Revolutionize 2022, sponsored by the Age-Friendly Institute and Aging 2.0

 Impact and Audience Choice award winners at RESNA 2022 conference

Semi-Finalist: Global InnovationSearch 2023

Graduate: CDL Prime Stream 2023

Awarded to Co-founder/​Chief Product Officer Liam Maaskant :

Named Top 10 Innovator in Canada (Class of ’22) by The Logic

Age-Well’s Emerging Entrepreneur award


Timeline & updates

When co-founder Tracey was searching for a product to help her father recover from falls, she was unable to find an appropriate solution. Noticing a gap in the market, Tracey, Liam and the team began a process of research, discovery, design, and prototype development.

Partnered with commercial experts to build the RAYMEX Lift, launch date is set for the second half of 2024.


Initial idea

Fall 2019

When Tracey’s father, Ray, began falling regularly at home in 2019, she was unable to find an appropriate solution to help him maintain his independence at home. Tracey discovered this was not just a problem for her parents, this was a growing global health challenge that needed a new solution.


Partnership between Tracey and Liam

November 2019 – January 2020

Tracey and Liam, RAYMEX Lift co-founders, met through their shared undergraduate alma mater, Acadia University. Both had leadership roles in Acadia Athletics events and, knowing Liam’s background in Mechanical Engineering, Tracey asked Liam to join forces to create the RAYMEX™ Lift together.


Developing the product

May 2020 – August 2022

The RAYMEX team was working out of Dalhousie University’s Emera ideaHUB under the guidance of Dr. Clifton Johnston, the ideaHUB’s Academic Director. Once the design was finalized, the team developed three functional prototypes and engaged experts to provide valuable insight and feedback. The third prototype became the basis for the RAYMEX Lift.



August 2022 – current

Our third prototype provided the basis for the RAYMEX Lift design, and we are partnered with a design manufacturer who helped us create our fourth prototype, our market-ready prototype and will build our production devices.


Product launch

Q3-Q4 2024

The RAYMEX Lift will be completed with regulatory establishment licenses, registrations, and device listings in Canada and the US respectively.

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